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We had the chance to get to know Amalie while working on a campaign for our client Heroine last winter and have always loved her creative spirit. As a globetrotter, growing up in New York and Paris, Amalie traveled the world for her modeling career, which gives her content a unique angle. For this #OpenDialogue, Amalie talks about her journey to Instagram and how she uses the platform as a creative outlet for her many passions, from fashion to modeling, film and photography.


01 What was your motivation to become an influencer and dedicate your career path to this industry?

I actually began my career in fashion as a model when I was 16.  I loved being on shoots, surrounded by creative talent. I developed my own personal style around that time.  Becoming an influencer was something that evolved organically as Instagram was the perfect platform for me to post my work as a model and my outfit pictures.  

Throughout the years, working with emerging designers has contributed to my growing status as an influencer - it all seemed to happen very naturally.  This line of work makes me enjoy fashion even more and through it, I get so many amazing opportunities and am thankful for the position I am at now.

02 What do the next five years look like? What are your dreams for your future in this field?

I will continue to model and also partner with a variety of brands. As an influencer I would like to become a brand ambassador. I have also always wanted to do a sunglass collaboration, one which naturally reflects my personal style. Regarding content, I would like to express my other passion which is film and photography, I want to make and share more videos.

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Name one digital influencer who inspires you and why?

Recently I noticed @Tezza and admire the creativity and work she puts into each post. There is always a great location, outfit and the colors are always so vibrant and fun. It feels very high fashion but at the same time looks effortless. Every post is exciting- I am always looking forward to seeing her new content.

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Julianne Fraser