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laura jung

We have gotten to know Laura collaborating on several campaigns and we can confidently say she is a dream to work with. A true New York blogger, Laura shares a mix of food and fashion among her many passions. We are thrilled to debut her Open Dialogue sharing the details of where it all began for her, showcasing meaningful experiences online and building brand relationships offline.


01 What was your motivation to become an influencer and dedicate your career path to this industry? 

This career path was actually completely accidental. I moved to New York six years ago for college and created a fun, casual food Instagram to document my life in New York. Over time, it amassed a following and I was like, Whoa, this is an actual thing people do and monetize off of. After a while, I pivoted my account from food to general lifestyle, showing a lot more of myself, my travels and my everyday routine. I launched a blog and now I do this full time! I'm now working on a new project that I'm very excited about!

“I've learned that you can be on and still present at the same time”

02 You work with several brands on a weekly basis, what is the one thing you can suggest to a brand in order to build a positive influencer relationship?

I love meeting brands and brand reps face-to-face! It's always so nice to build an offline relationship with a brand before working with them, to really get to know their ethos and what they go for to make sure you're on the same page. I thrive off these meetings and just bouncing ideas off of one another.

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How do you manage the constant pressure to always be "on" and produce consistent and engaging content? Do you ever want to take a hiatus?

It can get exhausting, especially when you are traveling with loved ones and you really just want to enjoy the moment. I've learned that you can be on and still present at the same time -- it's all about time management and prioritizing content that's actually worth sharing. At the end of the day, I just want to create meaningful experiences and share them, even if it's just for me and like.. 3 of my friends, haha. It feels like second nature to me.


- Laura

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