Getting Deep and Meaningful with Taylr Anne




We came across Taylr Anne's Instagram page a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her beautiful content. A true creative at heart, her style and unique voice kept us engaged and following along. In this #OpenDialogues feature, we ask Taylr Anne how she finds balance and peace of mind in an industry that’s all about comparison and competition.


01 What was your motivation to become an influencer and dedicate your career path to this industry?

When I first started this career, I didn’t even know it was something that could be my full-time thing. It was never my intention or goal to become an influencer, I just wanted to create an outlet of inspiration and creativity, a place where I could share what excited me. When I was able to make a career out of it, it gave me immense drive to inspire others and help them create a passionate life.

02 What is the biggest frustration/challenge you face as an influencer navigating these unchartered waters?

For me, the biggest challenge was taking every step on my own. I’m kind of going through this with a trial-and-error approach, learning along the way. This industry is so fresh, but that is also the beauty of it— you can truly create your own path.


03 You work with several brands on a weekly basis, what is the one thing you can suggest to a brand in order to build a positive influencer relationship?

A positive brand-influencer relationship comes from a lot of communication (just like any relationship). In a time when “busy" has become an expectation, maintaining proper communication is crucial. We are all busy, tackling tasks quicker than ever before, juggling multiple projects at a time. I think having open communication about timelines, expectations, and project management keeps everything running smoothly. I have found that only working with companies I am extremely passionate about has a positive impact on my work productivity as well because I’m excited to share. There is nothing more obvious than forced advertising and paid partnerships that don’t align.


“I hope someday people can embrace their unique differences and personal paths. When it comes comparing myself to others, I just don’t do it.”


04 How do you manage the constant pressure to always be "on" and produce consistent and engaging content? Do you ever want to take a hiatus?

When I first started my career I was in my early twenties and was building my brand, I felt like I was always on. I would work from early morning until sunset and I quickly learned how unbalanced my life felt. Once I was able to recognize that, everything changed. I am proud of the beautiful balance I’ve found. Some people have different values and priorities than me and they are capable of an ‘always on’ lifestyle, but it truly just doesn’t align for me, I can’t always be checking my phone and sharing. I am happiest when I can work really hard, and then unplug and spend time with my friends and loved ones. If I try to do everything all the time, I feel distracted and not fully present.


05 Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other creatives, how do you manage this pressure?

I feel super secure at this point in my life and I know what makes me happy. Comparison is joy’s biggest thief, I see others doing more than me, less than me and at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter because I know what works for me. Social media has led to the ability to compare yourself to someone across the world, that concept is mind-blowing to my childhood self. I hope someday that people can embrace their unique differences and their personal paths. When it comes to comparing myself to others, I just don’t do it. The unique features we have, the ones that most people are self conscious about, are the exact attributes that others find captivating and different. It is the thing that mesmerizes us and draws us in. How amazing is that!



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